Theatre Amoeba: Presenting a work in progress.

Why present a work in progress?

It is an active way to engage the community in the process and it creates a deadline and demands an outcome- helping (or forcing) us to move from research to presentation quickly. We want to develop this Jikji Project in stages. Inviting witnesses AKA an audience helps us not to over think the work too much in the early stages. Create it, present it, and put it into the space. Then take it back to the research lab.

Who is involved in The Jikji Theatre Project?

The Jikji project is made up of a unique combination of people, skills and disciplines with diverse backgrounds- a band of teachers, poets, mimes, musicians, media artists, film actors and theatre performers.

How does the research team feel about this?

Risk is important and so is vulnerability. Combine them in a scratch performance and interesting discoveries are sure to arrive.

What can the audience do?

When you join us during one of our "Research performances" consider our work to be the seeds of something being born. Give us your input- from what you loved to the reason why you left. Did you think of a specific color? Are you interested in getting involved because of the theme? Did you have an image pop into your mind that you would to share? A book to recommend? Feel free to share any and all thoughts! Thank you for taking the time to be part of our creation process; the observer changes what is being observed.

Email ideas and impressions to:,

#devisingtheatre #jikji #theatreamoeba

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