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Dr. 박병선 proved Korea was the first place in the world where moveable metal type was used for printing. This collection, also referred to by its shortened name “Jikji” , was printed in 1377, 78 years earlier than the Gutenberg Bible. UNESCO honored it by including it in its World Heritage listing in 2001.

Theatre Amoeba has been researching Jikji in Cheongju, South Korea for two years where Denise Rinehart works as a theatre professor and artistic director for Theatre Amoeba. Over time Amoeba has developed an imaginative physical work using choral storytelling, mask, and the poetry of objects that tells the tale of an ambitious young woman working at the National Library of France who discovers a book- but not just any book.

Denise Rinehart (Wisconsin, USA)- Denise is a Lecoq based devising theatre artist and pedagogue. Theatre has led her throughout the world including USA, England, France, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines and Poland and her plays have been performed in England, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Korea and the USA.


Visit the TEDx Cheongju website.

(not translation of above) 때론 어떤 이야기들이 당신을 끌어당깁니다. 프랑스에서 우연히 직지의 어머니 박병선을 만났습니다. 직지에 대해 이야기를 들었습니다. 운명처럼 이어져 오는 이야기가 저를 다그치며 마음에 문을 두드리고 들어와 달라 외쳤습니다. 후에 Theatre Amoeba(씨어터 아메바)를 통해 "직지 프로젝트"를 알리게 됩니다. TEDxCheongjuED를 통해 당신의 이야기와 삶이 퍼포먼스로 어떻게 연결되는지 이야기합니다.

 October 19, 2014 The Jikji Festival.

TEDx Cheongju 10/4/2014 3:00.

Starting at 3:00 PM, Denise Rinehart, Theatre Amoeba's artistic director will

give a TEDx talk about "The Stories that Choose You".  This talk will include a short performance of "The Jikji Theatre Project."


Visit the TEDx Cheongju website.

Jikji: A work-in-progress 6/20, 7:30.


직지: 미리보기.
직지와 직지의 반환을 위해 힘쓰신 박병선박사님에 관한 Theatre Amoeba의 창의적인 신체극 미리보기에 함께해요! 공연은 약 20-30분정도 소요예정이며 공연 후에 짧은 Q&A 시간을 가질 예정입니다. 모든 공연이 끝난 뒤에는 와인이나 맥주를 함께하며 수암골의 멋진 야경을 즐길 시간을 가질 것입니다!

Join us for a sunset sneak peak of Theatre Amoeba's imaginative physical performance about ...Jikji and the story of Dr. Park Byeong-seon. We will be sharing some scenes and ideas from our 5 day workshop. Jikji is a long term project in which Theatre Amoeba is working to create a full performance. After our showing stay for a glass of wine or a cold beer and enjoy the energy of scenic Suamgol. The performance will last 20-30 minutes and be followed with a brief Q&A.

공연은 무료이며
최종적인 직지공연을 만들기 위한 후원금을 기다립니다.

The performance will be free. Contributions towards the final project will be gladly accepted.

Theatre Amoeba는 신체적인 퍼포먼스 프로젝트를 진행하는 극단입니다. 우리는 정확한 목적과 풍부한 상상력을 가지고 창의적인 신체극을 창조하는 것을 추구합니다.

Theatre Amoeba is a movement theatre performance project. Our focus is on devising imaginative physical theatre with purpose and imagination.